Shyamalsiddhanta is collection of Brand Stories.

The brand Shyamalsiddhanta is a term given to the collection of various life incidents of yours truly Shyamal Kumar Vaddadi from which certain derivates has been made and applied to marketing functionality. I have written few blogs on various topics on marketing and brand building. These blogs and the shyamalsiddhanta are a gist of the various experiences in my professional life as a marketeer.

These theories have shaped up and a comparision or a inference is drawn by linking them with a story or a incident narranted in history or mythology.

The objective of this Shyamalsiddhanta and blog is to share my short snippets and stories. The reason is that I vehemently believe that India needs more of Vishnugupts then Chanakya’s. What we need is a commonsense to understand a behavioural aspect rather then making a strategy to gain market share. If we are successful in understanding the customer needs either by observing or through stories which is called as insights in marketing parlance. Hope that I will be able to fulfill this goal of mine. So here we go with the Shyamalsiddhantas



There are two persons X and Y. X is person in power whereas Y is oppressed due to circumstances but has potential. In this scenario X does a favor to Y and puts him in a influential position, Y is indebted to X… . X had done a favor to Y with a hidden motive but Y rates highly of him.

X also is aware of Y’s potential and helps him but doesn’t think of uplifting similarly oppressed people. Y instead of helping similar oppressed people to become self sufficient remains mute to the greed and power of X and aids him.

In this story the sin of Y is greater then X.

Any King / Person who despite being in the power to influence and change the future doesn’t do so and remains mute to the suffering will be doomed.
We always need to remember that small acts can give big rewards. Leaders need to embrace this thought, their partisian approach may create a rift among the subjects. #Shyamalsiddhanta#leadership#influential#power#story


A decisive leader takes swift decisions. He is aware of the consequences. He isn’t afraid of taking bold decisions.

Leadership is vital during any crisis. Strong leaders are aware of the situation, its potential outcomes, pitfalls. These leaders are solution oriented.

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Shyamalsiddhanta Thought leadership of Shyamal Kumar Vaddadi

When being in a state and power to influence, if that person doesn’t take a decision to influence and positively impact the life and society or to take corrective action then that person is not doing justice to his role of being in a seat of power. One should do his duty but should not run away. #Shyamalsiddhanta

Success story

Customer is King but Retailer is God


When the coach displays favouritism towards a particular disciple, however others do feel neglected. In Mahabharata, Acharya Drona was suffering from this same syndrome. #Shyamalsiddhanta


Self made people are successful and competent but so are people who have a guide or mentor. A mentor rescues you in need of hour. A self made man may not have this luxury. Mentors are a necessity to guide you and steer you. Who is a better mentor then Parthasarthy, none other then supreme Lord who steered the chariot of Arjuna during Mahabharata War. #Shyamalsiddhanta

Leaders dont rely on big dates for announcements. They turn small ones into memorable. #Shyamalsiddhanta

The greatest disservice that a brand custodian does to a brand by not able to get rid of his own perceptions of brand users / consumers. This myopic vision stops them from reaping full potential. Brand myopia leads to brand limitation #Shyamalsiddhanta

Scene 1 : Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, hatred leads to power struggle. Scene 2 : Ignorance creates vacuum, vacuum creates suction, suction leads to elimination of weak due of power. Power and struggle of power is the tree grown from seeds of ignorance. Power trappings, power corrupts are just another