Traditional marketing's influence on the brand building

Has the old world of offline marketing lost its charm to new kid on bloc – digital marketing and social media?

Has the old world of offline marketing lost its charm to the new kid on bloc – digital marketing and social media? Today, everyone is wondering. Has the old world of offline marketing or traditional marketing lost its charm? Has it lost the race to the new kid on bloc- digital marketing and social media? […]

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Role of Data in Marketing

Role of data in designing a marketing calendar

How Considerate are Marketers of data in designing Marketing Calendar? The role of data in designing a marketing calendar is unparalleled. An amazing valuable set of information. With it, a reliable evaluation of marketing functionality happens. The challenge is to be able to understand what the data speak.  Decoding the data to create a campaign, understanding the […]

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Social media is effective communication and advertising channel used by Digital Marketers. The content of social media advertising can be compelling enough but is very difficult to reach the right person. Social media advertising strategy of content, which is very good and fresh does get traction.  However, many experts like you and me do encounter […]

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Ears on Ground

EARS TO Ground

The role of a brand manager who is donning the hat of national role needs to be aware of every nook and corner of India. Many argue that they are aware of the same and the language, dialect changes every 150 km. But this is only information not knowledge. To get hands on experience every […]

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Vaddadivaru, this website is owned by Shyamal Kumar Vaddadi. Shyamal Kumar Vaddadi is a independant brand consultant. He posts on Linkedin under the name Shyamalsiddhanta. This website contains various blogs written by Shyamal Kumar and published in forums like Linkedin. The collection of posts under the Shyamalsiddhanta are an outcome of the various day to day experiences. The experiences […]

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