Customer Service – Tool to Create a Brand Image

customer service

Customer service is a tool to Create a Brand Image

Customer Service is an opportunity for a brand to do well. Aligning customer services to attract and retain customers. It is a key differentiater and boosts loyalty. Customers when taken care with good service, develop a loyalty and brand image.  


When one establishes a consistent service across all points of contacts, it creates a positive brand image. The most important aspect is to ingrain the principle of consistent service across the delivery.


The knowledge about the brand and its service quality promise should be imbibed into every human, employee working for the brand. Employees should be made aware of the glorious past, made aware of the future implications. Alternatively, The role is that they should hold the baton properly during this relay race of service quality and hand over to the next racer and in this process they should not only take care of the lane and also outrun others.


There should be a Clear Communication and right communication about the services being provided. This communication will create a positive brand image and develops affinity for the brand.

But unfortunately in India, Most of the brands are yet to align customer service even though its ancestors like the Ishkavu dynasty which saw great kings like Raghu, Bharata, Harishchandra, and most revered Hindu God Maryada Purusthom Ram. These kings always used to keep promises. The famous adage Praan Jaaye Par Vachan naa Jaye was born due to their principles these kings followed. The kings did kept their promises irrespective of whether it harmed them personally or not.


Kings like Harischandra gave away his entire kingdom to keep his word; Rama went to exile to keep word. What is this word, it is commitment, commitment to remain true to words- Commitment to serve.  This Ishvaku dynasty is a service brand in true sense which followed its core principle across generations. Moreover, the values stood the test of time, thus becoming most revered principle.

Modern brand need to understand that there is a direct influence of adherence of service principles of brand on customer’s perceptions.  Customers are delighted by Brands personal care, feel satisfied knew that you care; they will return and recommend you.


Commitment to service principles creates positive brand image #Shyamalsiddhanta

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