Listing of d2h on NASDAQ

Listing of d2h on NASDAQ was one of the best moments of working at Videocon d2h. The brand made its NASDAQ listing of $325 Million (Rs. 2,015 crore) worth of ADRs it sold to US based Silver Eagle Acquisition Corporation. With this, Videocon d2h became the most valuable company on Nasdaq. For records, Videocon d2h listed on NASDAQ on April 7th 2015 and traded under name VDTH.

Best Moments

It was a dream come true moment for me. We worked very hard for this. From a late entrant, to the fastest growing DTH service. This listing on NASDAQ was simply amazing for any brand professional. Very few brand professionals are fortunate to have such a remarkable career where they have successfully launched a brand. The brand grew exponentially, went public too.

The listing of brand Videocon d2h on NASDAQ had a psychological effect for us as we felt that the future was bright for us, we felt more secure then ever. We were sure that we can scale new heights, conquer newer territories. I felt that I had acquired the strength of thousand elephants, such was the impact.

Bell Ringing

Along with the customary bell ringing, our brand TVC was being aired on the LED walls of NASDAQ Tower. The display of our brand name on walls of NASDAQ made us feel proud. Followed by the bell ringing, we pulled off a coup of sorts with CNBC USA interviewing our chairman Shri Saurabh Dhoot in their studios.

Back home in India, there were a series of one on one telephonic interactions happening with leading journalists setting aside the time zone differences. It was a hectic day and night for the entire brand team, PR agency and especially for me as I was leading the PR functionality. I was very much tired. But the joy along with a sense of creating history which very few brand professionals have achieved.

Personal Achievement

This was really amazing, and a wonderful experience for me. A simple MBA pass out from an unknown non-descript college of Andhra University. Visakhapatnam was able to break the glass ceilings and join the ranks of top most brand professionals of the country. If any one asks me what are the best moments of your life, I will say that there are many. To cite a few launching brand d2h and its listing are really very close to me. I thank the almighty for bestowing me this opportunity to create history. This has proved that history provides opportunity to non-descript people to create one where none exists.

Brand Campaign

After this bell ringing, I worked on the campaign to communicate this unique achievement in Print Media, In Shop and through POS. The visual used was very strong, the image of our brand featuring on the LED walls of cylindrical NASDAQ building. Even though its been 5 years since the launch, but the visual still gives me Goosebumps.

Working at d2h

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