Print Media Effectiveness has never been in doubt.

Print media effectiveness was never in doubt. It is powerful media even today. When d2h was launched in year 2010, a late entrant in the DTH category, print media was extensively used unlike competition. Effectiveness of print was never in doubt. It was always powerful. Many players are increasing their print spend over the years. One such brand is Dabur, in the article mentioned below published in today’s Hindustan Times Mumbai Edition.


Our media strategy crafted after careful evaluation, it did worked wonders. During the landgrab phase (2012- 14) of compulsary digitisation as analog cable was being phased out.  Print is not dying, it is withstanding the onslaught, and is growing steadily. Long live the print.

Marketers find print media most useful to build trust and promote brands.

Most researchers have said that consumers while making buying decision rely on print advertisements more then any other medium. The static mode of advertisements generates customer inertia and does plays a key role in purchase behaviour. Retailler is God. To be considered God, print media influences a customer to walk-in.


Print Media runs out of space during festival season with many brands competing for space. Many advertisers use premium advertising like jackets during festive season. Especially by players from property, consumer durables, ecommerce brands, automobile brands. These brands try to grab eye balls and stand out.

When I was working with brand Videocon d2h as Manager Marcomm, off all the players in the market, we were the only player using print media effectively.

When I was working with brand Videocon d2h as Manager Marcomm, we were the only player using print media effectively. Later on other brands like TATA SKy latched on this. During the land grab phase of mandatory digitisation, in 4 metros and 38 other 1 million plus cities. Videocon d2h regularly issued advertisements in print media. The creative was of half page, we pioneered the concept of vertical half pages of dimensions 24 * 35(h)cms. It occupied more then 2/3rd of page and leaving no space for other advertisers and grabbing the eye balls more effectively.

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Print Media effectiveness
Clipping from Hindustan Times, 3rd March 2020, Mumbai Edition