Print Media Effectiveness has never been in doubt. Print media effectiveness was never in doubt. It is powerful media even today. When d2h was launched in year 2010, a late entrant in the DTH category, print media was extensively used unlike competition. Effectiveness of print was never in doubt. It was always powerful. Many players […]

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Customer Service – Tool to Create a Brand Image

customer service

Customer service is a tool to Create a Brand Image Customer Service is an opportunity for a brand to do well. Aligning customer services to attract and retain customers. It is a key differentiater and boosts loyalty. Customers when taken care with good service, develop a loyalty and brand image.   BRAND CONSISTENCY When one […]

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Wise Man needs to Speak?

Wise Man needs to Speak

Why Wise Man needs to Speak ? A story about two kingdoms Brands need to have this wisdom to run the show, overcome problem of not able see things and problems in objective manner. The statement in the title Wise man needs to speak is well explained through this short story. It is a story […]

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Winner Takes it all – Fair or Unfair


Winner Takes it all – Fair or Unfair The two pictures sum up that certain things are bizzare in ICC Cricket World Cup. Both played in round robin league format #CWC1992 to #CWC2019 . The famous saying Winner Takes it all is the most appropriate phrase here. On both the bizzare occassions, the winner was England. In 1992 […]

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