Winner Takes it all – Fair or Unfair


Winner Takes it all – Fair or Unfair

Winner Takes it all

The two pictures sum up that certain things are bizzare in ICC Cricket World Cup. Both played in round robin league format #CWC1992 to #CWC2019 . The famous saying Winner Takes it all is the most appropriate phrase here.

On both the bizzare occassions, the winner was England. In 1992 it went to final and in 2019 it walked away with the trophy. On both the occassions, the sympathies of the world are with the loosing team. The speciators and Television viewers across world felt cheated. Cricket is definitely the looser her. The contest was evenly played, deserved.

Sports is cruel, so is life. We feel that life is unfair to us. But think about those teams who felt cheated, robbed and couldnt do anything. They were aware of the rules but couldnt do anything. But the best thing New Zealand can do now is to recoup. South Africa could never recover from the shock defeat and always faltered at big stage. I sincerely hope that New Zealand endure this set back. You are not defined by the way you loose, but how many times you fail to recover from the fall.

Acknowledge that the power to rise lies within you. Lets hope New Zealand’s suporters across the world recognise that failure is part of life and success story. #Shyamalsiddhanta